The app for an easier, safer and more enjoyable hunt.

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Powerful features for your hunt


WeHunt makes hunting easier for both you and your hunting companions. Create your hunting ground with borders and map pins such as high stands, gathering places, tracks and much more. You can easily share the map with your hunting companions to make sure that everyone finds the way to their high stands and does not miss out on any important information.


When the hunting ground and the map are created, you can start hunts together where you can see both each other and participating dogs live on the map. You and your hunting team navigates easily throughout the woods using the map and compass in the app. You quickly and simple communicates via both chat and push-to-talk, all for a safer hunt.

More enjoyable

We strongly believe that with less hassle and a safer hunt, you get more time for fellowship and more time to focus on all the fun parts of hunting. When you have everything gathered in your smartphone, you simply get more space for the hunt as it’s supposed to be.

Don’t just take
our word for it!

Best app for hunting

Definitely the best app for hunters. I've been using it since it arrived and it just keeps getting better and better.

WeHunt Features

Create maps with towers, stands, etc.
Share map with the hunting team
Participate in hunts
Your position is shown to the hunting team during hunting

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